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Do you need to have Blind Faith to be a Christian?
That is what many folks believe. They are under the - false - impression that science, archaeology and centuries of scholarship have destroyed the foundations of Christianity. They reason there is no longer the need for a Creator, since evolution explains our existence. They believe, that the texts of the Bible have been corrupted over the centuries and its stories have been discredited by recent archaeological discoveries. 

As per recent Gallup polls it appears that not only fewer people than in the generation before us believe that the Bible is the Word of God, but also that the more education a person has, the less likely he/she is to believe in the Bible. Is that because the more educated have better reasons to reject the Bible or is it because they are more and longer indoctrinated with the 'gospel of science'? I think the latter!
 Christianity is based on TRUTH - and TRUTH can be objectively questioned, tested and verified. As Christians we should encourage both believers and non-believers to do their own research - use science to find evidences for the existence of God, study history and examine the Scriptures to confirm that the Bible is the historical reliable Word of God and analyze Jesus' miracles, fulfilled prophecies and especially the resurrection to reach the only logically possible conclusion that He is INDEED our Christ, our Savior and our Lord.
We host various websites to help study more about the Truth of our Christian Faith:

  • - Provides a detailed case (based on Prepared to Answer) for the existence of God, the historical reliability of the Bible and that Jesus is indeed God in human flesh. It also builds a case for the divine inspiration of the Bible and examines the claims of the other world religions
  • - Investigates the proofs for Christianity, presented in the Dutch language (Nederlands)
  • (under development) - A Biblical study into the role of women
  • - Offers one of the largest selection on Antique (family) Bibles from the 1500s through the 1800s available on the internet - buy, own, read and study Bibles once used and cherished by Christian brothers and sisters living centuries before us!
Windmill Ministries is a Christian apologetics ministry that equips believers and challenges skeptics through the sharing of evidences for the foundations of the Christian faith. Enjoy and research hundreds of pages of figures, facts, finds and features.
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