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Christian Apologetics - Evidences for the Truth of Christianity
Do you need to have Blind Faith to be a Christian?
That is what many folks believe. They are under the - false - impression that science, archaeology and centuries of scholarship have destroyed the foundations of Christianity. They reason there is no longer the need for a Creator, since evolution explains our existence. They believe, that the texts of the Bible have been corrupted over the centuries and its stories have been discredited by recent archaeological discoveries. 

As per recent Gallup polls it appears that not only fewer people than in the generation before us believe that the Bible is the Word of God, but also that the more education a person has, the less likely he/she is to believe in the Bible. Is that because the more educated have better reasons to reject the Bible or is it because they are more and longer indoctrinated with the 'gospel of science'? I think the latter!
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Curious and perhaps even Interested?
I was! I have spent the last 15 years studying and sharing about the amazing evidences for the truth of Christianity. On this website you will find a treasure trove of information from numerous disciplines and sometimes quite unexpected sources. Please browse around. Read the information and weigh for your yourself. Let us be the presenter, and you be the jury. We only ask an open mind and an honest verdict!

Are we losing the Next Generation of Christians?
Are YOU Prepared to Answer?
The statistics are alarming: over 70%, that is almost 3 out of every 4, young Christians walk away from their faith when they are in the first years of college! 

 These are young adults who were born and raised in Christian families. They went to church with their parents and likely attended church classes and youth groups. Perhaps they even went to Christian schools or were home schooled. Still, by the time they get to ‘live on their own’, which in most cases is when they go to college; they walk away from their faith, likely to never return again.

This is a grueling statistic. This is not just another poll we can ignore, but this is a society changing phenomenon. I know this to be true, not just from looking at it, but also from living it. I was part of this ‘walking away from the faith’ phenomenon in the 1960ies and 1970ies in the Netherlands. Being raised in a Christian family and spending my young years with my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles ‘in church’ I, and most of my fellow students, lost my faith in high school/college. 
The result: the Netherlands, which was once founded on solid Christian values and considered for centuries to be a sound Christian nation, is now a country where about 50% of its citizens claim to be atheist and there are now possibly more active Muslims than Christians! 
  • Are you prepared to explain that you do not have to be ‘easy-believing’ and gullible to be a Christian but can base you faith on facts and evidences?
  • Are you prepared to explain that Christianity is grounded in history and its Biblical accounts are again and again confirmed by archaeology, secular history and non-Christian sources?
  • Are you prepared to explain that evolution is not a fact but a faulty model and lacks any evidence? In the words of a respected evolutionist: "When discussing organic evolution the only point of agreement seems to be: "It happened." Thereafter, there is little consensus, which at first sight must seem rather odd."
  • Are you prepared to explain how unique the person of Jesus of Nazareth is compared to anybody who ever lived and any of the founders or prophets of any of the other world-religions?
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