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1900rds Self-Pronouncing Holman illustrated family Bible 

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An elegantly and nicely (with an eye for so many details) illustrated Antique Family Bible in a VERY GOOD condition, really bulking with Biblical information. The leather covers of this early 1900s (no explicit date mentioned but likely from the 1990-1910 era) Bible are beautifully embossed with various inscriptions. As a typical 'Holman' illustrated Bible, this Bible has a multitude of illustrations/engravings (and color maps) of which many full page and in color (by Gustave Dore and others). Besides the complete presentation of  the Authorized (King James) Version of the Old and New Testament, this Bible contains in additional sections: "introductory History of the Holy Bible; Temple Library; a key to the pronunciation of the Scripture proper names;  gallery of Scripture illustrations; a self-pronouncing dictionary and a Chronological index to the Holy Bible". There is also a (partly filled out) section for recording the personal family events.


This Bible is in a VERY GOOD condition. It looks like it has not been used or opened much. The bindings are holding strong and the book feels solid, there are no loose pages. There is NO writing on any of the pages (apart from the family section). There are NO ripped  pages (apart from a few small rips at the first pages of the Bible) nor any staining, just a slight 'aging' of the paper. There is - the to be expected - wear to the edges of the covers and areas on the leather. This Bible is truly a remarkable antique book.

Bible is SOLD

Bible is SOLD

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Published: early 1900s

Publisher: A.J. Holman Co. Philadelphia

Translation: King James Version 

Size: 12.5" x 10" x 3"


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