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Christelijke Apologetiek in the Nederlands
Nederlands - Dutch

1872 Devotional and Explanatory, Pictorial Home Bible

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A very clean, hardly ever opened/used, and beautifully illustrated 'Devotional and Explanatory Pictorial'  Antique Family Bible in a VERY GOOD, almost EXCELLENT (professionally restored) condition. The leather covers and spine are embossed with GOLD lettering and the pages are gold gilt. This Bible has numerous illustrations of which many full page and including a  number of chromolithographs.. The text is a  presentation of the Authorized Version (King James) and the Apocrypha. There are many, many additional 'study-aids': "Holy Bible and its history, Analysis of the Bible, Books of the Old and New Testaments; Bible Animals, Eastern manners and customs, the forty years of wanderings, Jewish worship, idols and idolatry, countries and nations of the Bible" and so on.... "With over three hundred illustrative engravings, on steel, wood and in colors". The family pages contain the history of the Thornhill family of New York state. There is much more, too much to mention....


This Bible is in an overall VERY GOOD (almost EXCELLENT) condition. It can also be used and opened fairly easily as its bindings and the spine have been professionally restored. There is NO writing on any of the pages (except the family pages). There are NO ripped or missing pages not any staining, just a slight 'aging' of the paper. There is some very slight wear to the edges of the covers and areas on the leather. A well preserved antique Bible!

Bible is SOLD

Bible is SOLD

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Published: 1872

Publisher: William Flint & Co., Philadelphia, PA., Cincinnati, Ohio, Atlanta, GA., and Springfield, Mass.

Translation: King James Version 

Size: 12" x 10.5" x 4"


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