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Christelijke Apologetiek in the Nederlands
Nederlands - Dutch

1683 Beautiful binding King James Bible, Apocrypha, Prayer Book, Psalter

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A thick quarto-size 1683 King James Holy Bible which has been beautifully professionally rebound in exquisite light brown leather covers with imprinted and gold gilt decorations. The beautifully decorated spine has 4 raised bands and has imprinted in gold the words "Holy Bible" and "London 1683". This Bible contains four sections bound together: the Common Book of Prayer, the complete Bible (old and New Testament), the Apocrypha, and the Whole Book of Psalms (Psalter). Including a total of three title pages: the general title to the Bible which is a very attractive full page engraving showing the transfiguration of Jesus above a mountain inscribed as Mt Tabor (Matt 17.1), across the center is a label 'the Holy Bible'; in the foreground are seated two symbolical figures; one, veiled, representing 'the Law'; the other with a nimbus, 'The Gofpell'. Additionally there are the title pages to the New Testament and the Psalter.

It opens with an almost complete (title and few other pages are missing) Book of Common Prayer including the various special (Sunday) prayers and the "Psalmes of David, after the Tranflation of the Great Bible"

Next the Old Testament - Apocrypha - New Testament. Including all the prelim pages. After Revelation there is an index and some table.

Lastly the "Whole Book of Psalmes" printed in Oxford in 1682. Looks complete.


 This Bible is in a VERY GOOD and VERY USABLE condition. Complete Bible bound with additional contemporary books (see remarks above). Leaves in overall very solid condition. Some (as to be expected) age related browning, occasional rough edges and a few tears and cuts. No writing! Some headings somewhat shaved off during re-binding, no loss of text block. A beautiful and ready-to-be-used gift, daily-use or collector's Bible. Many pictures!

Bible is SOLD

Bible is SOLD

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Published: 1683

Publisher: At the Theater, Oxford

Translation: King James Version

Size: large Quarto-size - 8.5"  x `6.5" x 3"


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