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1612 complete First Edition King James HEE Bible, with  Genealogies with Map, and Booke of Psalms

The RAREST and FIRST King James quarto Bible printed !

 Vintage COMPLETE (!!) King James 1612 'Hee' Bible in a VERY GOOD and DAILY USABLE condition. Beautifully well preserved over 4 centuries - the second King James Bible ever printed (only second to the 1611 folio KJV) with still some of the first edition (of 1611) printing errors, including the famous misprint in Ruth 3:15 ("... and hee went into the city" instead of she, see also one of the pictures below) as well as 'Emorite' in Genesis 10:16 (instead of Amorite).

Beautifully rebound in dark brown leather cover with blind-stamped decoration and 4-bands raised spine with the texts "Holy Bible" and "1612"

The general title has a similar design as the 1611 first edition folio (this is the only quarto that has that title) showing the Apostles on the top, Moses and Aaron on each side of the text block and Luke and John at the bottom. Title: "The Holy Bible, conteyning the Old Teftament, and the New: Newly Tranflated out of the Originall tongues: & with the former tranflations diligently compared and revifed, by his Majefties fpeciall commandement, Appointed to be read om Churches. Imprinted at London By Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings moft Excellent Maieftie. ANNO 1612."

 The general title and New Testament titles present,  double column Roman letter text, both titles & the colophon also dated 1612. The first black-letter quarto of King James' version. ALL titles, prelims and colophon's present - the Bible is COMPLETE in every aspect!

It also has the famous and well sought after, complete (34 page, with title page) Speed's genealogies, tracing Christ back to Adam "with the Line of our Sauiour Jesvs Christ obferued from Adam to the bleffed Virgin MARY") complete with the rare double paged 'Map of Canaan'. At the end of the Bible itself is a "Booke of Psalms" (with title page, 1612), with musical bars, ends with Psalm 132.

This QUARTO sized King James Bible is in an overall VERY GOOD and DAILY USABLE condition. Complete Bible text with all title pages and prelims. The binding is in a solid (restored) condition. It is re-bound with new leather covers (original boards). The (cotton based) paper is remarkable crisp, clean, some rough edges and few small damages. Bible has hardly (if at all) been trimmed and has full and wide margins. Some previous ownership scribbles/notes but not in the Bible text.

A historial 1612 HEE King James Bible!

Bible is SOLD

Bible is SOLD

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Published: 1612.

Herbert 313

Publisher: Robert Barker, London

Translation: King James Version

Size: quarto 9 x 7 x 3"