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Christelijke Apologetiek in the Nederlands
Nederlands - Dutch

1599 Attractive, complete Geneva Bible with engravings, two Concordances and Psalter

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[Geneva - Breeches - Bible], "The Bible, that is, the Holy Scriptvres, conteined in the Old and New Testament tranflated according to the Ebrew and Greeke, and conferred with the best translations in diuers languages ; with most profitable annotations vpon all the hard places, and other things of great importance. Imprinted at London : By the Deputies of Christopher Barker ... 1599"

Double columns. Marginal references. ROMAN letter. Geneva version. Complete Bible Text. With Concordances and Psalter. Blind stamped gold lettering ("Holy Bible Barker 1599"), an attractive example. A total of 4 title pages!!

OT: Dated Title 1599 (with two title pages), plus prelims complete
OT Complete in all respects (with also title to second part)
NT: Dated Title 1599 lacking
NT Complete in all respects (with extensive commentary)
Two Tables/Concordances
Book of Psalms (with title page), COMPLETE, including even the table of contents and the colophon at the end (RARE)

The famous and well sought after Geneva set of engravings and maps are included throughout. Various decorative engravings, first chapter capitals and colophons.

This QUARTO sized Geneva Bible is in an overall VERY GOOD  condition. This book is rebound beautifully in later paneled leather with blind stamped borders, spine with great title label, raised bands and original spine leather, measuring roughly 9 x 7 x 2.5 inches. A gorgeous specimen in nice external shape, forgiving only some rounding and light surface wear to the leather and covers.

Within, the Bible has remained in pretty nice shape; minimal instances of soiling and browning throughout but nothing major, (heavier on engraved main title, as shown) and a few leaves within have some small stains, but the majority of the text is great for its age, as shown, well kept. A few instances of marginalia and genealogy for the Coleman family in the early to mid 1700s in various places, as well as a bookplate for Thomas Tryon, who was a skilled bookplate engraver in the late 1800s. The Bible is printed in Latin font in English, two columns with frequent notes and marginal commentary, as well as great woodcuts, maps and more throughout. The Bible is complete, and although the New Testament engraved title is lacking, the rest remain, including the main engraved title, the standard title and the Whole Book of Psalms title, which is appended at the rear, complete with music.

A beautiful and complete Geneva Bible!

Bible is SOLD

Bible is SOLD

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Published: 1599

Publisher: Deputies of Christopher Barker, London

Translation: Geneva Version

Size: quarto 9 x 7 x 2.5"