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All material on this website is subject to copyright by Windmill Ministries and/or its original source (in case of quotations). However, we also strongly feel that this information is made available by our Lord and therefore anybody should be able to use it for His purposes. Therefore we grant the right to copy, print and use text and material on this website - excluding quotations from other sources as mentioned in the texts - for personal use and/or church or educational purposes, provided you credit us as the source. The right to use any material for any commercial activity and/or to sell any of this material to third parties is explicitly excluded, without our prior written permission.
Please DO NOT republish/copy any of our content/webpages on the internet as this would dramatically obstruct our visibility for search engines. Instead, link to the content of our pages and let us know via an e-mail.
A special note about pictures and clip-art used on this website and especially in the PowerPoint presentations in the Resource Center. Some of this material might be subject to copyright from third parties. In most case we have asked the original owner for the right to use, but in some cases we did not know who to approach. Therefore we cannot give you the right to copy these items for any kind of distribution.

If you happen to be the copyright owner of any of these materials and we have not asked your permission to use them on this website: please let us know. If you do not want us to use this material, we apologize in advance and will remove the picture(s)/clip-art immediately upon your request.

With any question on the use of our material and/or to let us know that you are using our content, please e-mail us at any time. Thank you!

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