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Het is onze doelstelling om je uit te rusten met kennis en hulpmiddelen, daarom dit uitgebreide Resource Centrum. Hier vind je diverse PowerPoint presentaties, artikelen, audio en andere hulpmiddelen. Het hier aangeboden materiaal is continue groeiende, blijf hier regelmatig terugkomen!

Het aangeboden materiaal is grotendeels in het Engels, maar je vindt hier ook Nederlandse informatie en hulpmiddelen.

Kijk eens rond, je kunt alles hier zonder beperkingen voor jezelf gebruiken.  Als je iets wilt kopieren voor anderen, PowerPoints wilt gebruiken voor presentaties enz, laat dat ons even weten en lees even onze Copyright Statement. Als je de PowerPoints als .PPT files wilt hebben, dat kan, gewoon even vragen!. Voor meer hulpmiddelen en mn. boeken en DVD's kijk ook even bij Boeken en DVDs

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PowerPoint Presentations / Slides

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Does God Exist?

Does God Exist?

By Chance or Divine Design - part 1

Evolutionary model, Big Bang, rare Earth

By Chance or Divine Design - part 2

First Life

By Chance or Divine Design - part 3

Genetic mutations, Cambrian Explosion

Can We Trust the Bible?

Can we trust the Bible

Is the Bible Reliable? - part 1

What is the Bible? The Old Testament

Is the Bible Reliable? - part 2

Texts and Authorship of the New Testament

Is the Bible Reliable ?- part 3

Lost Books? Archaeology and History.

Is the Bible Reliable? - part 4

Testimony from Non-Christian Writers

Is the Bible Reliable? - part 5

Are the Gospels Honest?

Can We Prove that Jesus is God?

Jesus of Nazareth - Was He God?

Is Jesus God? - part 1 

Lord, Liar, Lunatic - Jesus' Miracles

Is Jesus God? - part 2

Messianic Prophecies

Is Jesus God? - part 3 

Is the Resurrection a Historical Event?

Articles about God and the  Bible (English)

Christian Apologetics and Evidences The Dead Sea Scrolls
Creation vs. Evolution The Septuagint or LXX
15 Compelling Evidences for God's Existence The Genesis Creation account
The Silver Scrolls - The Oldest Biblical Texts The Ark of Noah
12 Compelling Evidences for the Truth of the Bible The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah
The Canon of the Old Testament The Canon of the New Testament
The Bible: Original Text versus Translations Is there Life on Mars?
The Theory of Evolution - 150 years of deceit?

Articles about Jesus and the Resurrection (English)

Jesus' Resurrection - Beyond Reasonable Doubt Jesus' Resurrection: The Conversion of Saul to Paul
Jesus' Miracles - Signs of Divine Powers? Jesus' Resurrection: The Conversion of James, the Brother of Jesus
Would You Die for a Lie? Jesus' Resurrection: The Evidence of the Empty Grave
Jesus' Resurrection: Were the Apostles Deceived? Only Jesus claims to be God
Only Christianity offers a Complete Plan of Redemption Divine Accomplishment versus Human Achievement
Did They have a Reason to Lie? The Virgin Birth of Jesus - did it really happen?

Artikelen (Dutch - Nederlands)

Het Christendom is gebaseerd op Feiten, niet Fantasie!
De Bijbel: originele tekst versus vertalingen
Jezus' opstanding: zou jij voor een leugen sterven?
Evolutie - 150 jaar leugens en bedrog?
Geloof gevonden in America


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Evidences for the resurrection....

Jesus resurrection - Would YOU die for a Lie?
After Jesus resurrection the apostles committed their lives to preach the gospel of Jesus. They paid the ultimate price: a gruesome death. Was their faith based on fact or did they die for a lie? - MP3/Podcast  5:27 minutes
Jesus resurrection - The conversion of Paul to Saul
The great apostle Paul was initially a zealous persecutor of Christians. What made him change his mind? Only Jesus resurrection can explain his dramatically changed life and ultimately his martyrdom. - - MP3/Podcast  4:06 minutes
Jesus resurrection - The conversion of James, the brother of Jesus
While Jesus was alive, His brother James did not believe in Jesus, however he later becomes the leader of the early Christian church and is stoned for his faith. What made him change his mind? - - MP3/Podcast  4:50 minutes

Evidences for the reliability of the Bible

The Bible: Original Text versus Translations
Why are the so many different English Bibles translations? Does that imply that there is no reliable original Bible text preserved?  Or is it because translation is not an exact science and requires the translator to make subjective choices and allows for human error?
- - MP3/Podcast  7:21 minutes
The Dead Sea Scrolls
The original texts of the Old Testament were written on scrolls of papyrus and animal skins. However these would last only for a few centuries, so again and again the Bible had to copied by scribes. Was this copying accurate or were errors introduced. Hear about how the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls provides the unexpected and amazing evidence for the accuracy and reliability of the copying of the ancient manuscripts over the ages. - - MP3/Podcast  10:10 minutes
The Letters from the Early Christian Church
Like the apostles before them, the leaders of the early Christian church wrote letters to each other for encouragement and teaching. In these letters, written by the generation that sat at the feet of the apostles, we find thousands and thousands of quotations of books from the New Testament even before it was officially accepted. - - MP3/Podcast  11:10 minutes

"Church" and other messages

The Resurrection Creed 1 Corinthians 15:3-8
Did Jesus resurrection really happen? Likely one of the first composed texts of the New Testament - the Resurrection Creed - provides remarkable eyewitness testimony to the appearances of Jesus after the crucifixion. Message by Rob VandeWeghe, 40 minutes
Be Prepared to Answer WHY you are a Christian
skeptics testimony of how the evidence for the truth of the Christian claims convicted a believer in evolution to commit himself to Christ. An inspiring overview of the case for Christianity. Message by Rob VandeWeghe, 42 minutes

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Alive in Christ
by Rev. Bobby Keating
Created in His Image
by Rev. Bobby Keating

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