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Please, be invited to contact us about any opportunity to share the exciting evidences for our faith. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to be available at the time and place you prefer, but we will certainly try our best to accommodate your request. Some of the kinds of 'talks' we have done so far include:
Church messages A 30 minutes to 45 minutes message, either as a general overview of the evidence combined with a personal testimony, or a message about a dedicated topic or aspect of the Bible related to apologetics.
Dedicated 'talks' A 1-3 hour presentation (usually an afternoon or an evening) about a particular topic. Especially our program "By Chance or By Divine Design" (about 2 hours) is well received by believers as well as people who are honestly seeking the truth.
Seminars A weekend seminar/program covering an overview of the main exhibits.
Classes A series of multiple weeks of  'Sunday school' or 'evening' classes covering all or part of the evidences. 
School programs Dedicated programs for school retreats and/or regular classes.
If you are interested in any of the above options for your church, school, community or other setting, please contact us via e-mail. On request we can also provide you with references and/or DVD's of earlier recorded events.
All presentations (except the church messages) extensively use PowerPoint and video material. If logistics would not allow us to present the material in person, we will gladly facilitate you with our presentations and help you use and present it yourself.
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