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Analyzing Miracles

On March 30, 3019, Justin Brierley, host of the eminent UK-based show "Unbelievable?", sat down with Christian and atheist contributors  for discussions on doubt, skepticism, and the miracles of Jesus. Also included was an in-depth interview and critical examination of Australian medical doctor Sean George's claim to have been dead for over an hour and yet to have been brought back to life through a simple prayer.‚Äč

Part 1 - Justin Brierley sat down with local pastor Tim Richards to discuss Tim's journey through agnosticism as well as issues of faith, reason, and apologetics.

Part 2 - An interview with Australian medical doctor Sean George about his miracle claim. A devoted Christian and Head of Medicine at his hospital, Sean's claim was that he was dead for over an hour and yet was revived with no brain damage. Following the interview, philosophers Hand Vodder and Bradley Bowen cross-examine Dr. George.
Part 3 - Michael Shermer and Luuk van de Weghe debate the question: "Are the Miracles of Jesus Unbelievable?"
Post-conference event: An interview with Dr. Phil Fernandes recapping the debate and discussing his experience with apologetics.
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